8 steps how to remove your hair

Small introduction how to begin from the basics, the most important thing for sissification process.
Removing body hair is easy if you view it as a routine and not “shaving” even though you use some kind of shaving equipment. There are three steps: preparation, shaving, and after-care.

1) If you have a lot of hair at first, try to trim it with something like a barber’s hair cutter, otherwise, your razor will clog up a lot.

2) Wash every place you want to shave in hot water and keep the hot water flowing for a few minutes.


2) Put some shaving gel on the place you want to shave. If you’re shaving a lot, put the shaving gel on one patch at a time.

3) Shave -with- the “grain”. If you shave against the grain you might easily get a big crop of ingrown hairs, which isn’t fun. Don’t get in a hurry, that is how you get nicks.

4) Keep going, making sure the next part you’re going to shave remains wet with hot water.

5) When you are finished, pat (don’t scrub) yourself dry and then use some moisturizing lotion everywhere you shaved.

6) The next day exfoliates – use a loofah or something, lightly. It should feel a bit like sanding with very fine sandpaper, you want just a little friction but you want some. This raises all the freshly cut hairs out of the follicles and prevents ingrown hairs.

7) Moisturize again.

8) Make sure you exfoliate and moisturize every day. The next time you shave it will be much easier.

4 thoughts on “8 steps how to remove your hair

  1. I think Nair might put a chemical reaction burn on many dudes skin so I would avoid that if it was/is your first time removing your body hair. I would go with the suggestions that are made in this post. They are boring, but very good suggestions for first time shavers and hair removers. Especially that stuff about exfoliating every day, and then re-moisturizing. Also I would personally avoid (At All Costs) using Nair on skin that has been shaved recently. That is asking for trouble and boo coo pain. Happy Shaving. And… Praise BIG BLACK COCK!!!!

  2. I would love to learn to have an anal orgasm!!!!! I have tried many times and gotten close!! My little dick starts leaking like crazy but I don’t get over the top lol! Any advise?

  3. what is the best way for me a sissy man girl to get rid of my pubic hairs forever.. and my legs too…the rest of me is pretty hairless and smooth..shaving sucks.. dipilitary creams don’t seem to work…I am married and closeted… Please help.

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