Sissy Anal Training


Sissy anal is most feminizing act among girly boys. No boy can feel as feminine as she could if she has not experienced the feel of a cock in her ass. This act is desired among many sissies. The problem is that usually you desire big hard cock and you wish to be fucked hard. This kind of mindset is an addiction and in reality, you must prepare yourself before going to take it up to ass.
1) Eat simple foods before the day you plan to fuck (e.g salads). No meat or anything that is hard to digest
2) Next day (the day you plan to fuck) clean your butt twice. The morning and 2-3 hours before fucking.
3) Prepare your ass by injecting lube in your ass.
4) Suck him nice and wet.
5) Enjoy your sissy anal.

This way you may even experience anal orgasm. :)

Date: August 28, 2015

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